Feel Good Friday

Time to think about the long game..

Earlier on in the week, I published a post about how to deal with lost sales opportunities, you can check it here. I talked a lot about the importance of building relationships in this post.

We work in a world where we are driven to win new deals and we know client relationships are important to achieve that goal. But what happens when the goal becomes unachievable? Becomes lost? Like a switch the importance on the relationship with your prospect fades and we stop seeing the possibilities of the future. The possibility that your prospect could still be recommending you to colleagues, could move to a new organisation and bring with it a new opportunity for you, or maybe at some point, they could be a really helpful person your team needs for research on how your company sells its products. Being a believer in what can be achieved outside of the immediate goal,  I think the importance of the ‘relationship’ shouldn’t ever completely fade.

Feel good Friday

Go through your CRM and look at your lost opportunities (we don’t do that often I know). Pick out a sales prospect that struck a chord with you, maybe you remember something interesting they had going on in their business, maybe you had a good enough relationship that you shared information about your personal lives.  Whatever it is, use that information to drop them a message about how things are going with that ‘other’ project, or the house move or the recent promotion. Reach out and connect with someone about something that’s not related to your sales number. Reach out to show you cared about more than just winning the deal.

Have a great weekend

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